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Integrate Rehab is a private rehabilitation company established by Erin Pavy (Occupational Therapist) in 2010. Integrate Rehab provide high quality occupational therapy and case management services to people with complex injuries and disability. We work with individuals, their families, financial advisers, lawyers, trust companies and financial administrators to provide holistic services across the lifespan.

Integrate Rehab are dedicated to working with key stakeholders to provide practical solutions for care, accommodation, equipment and health care. By combing allied health knowledge with financial planning we provide clarity and detail around the affordability of lifetime needs so that individuals and families can make informed decisions. We provide detailed services, tailored to address individual’s needs.

Integrate Rehab has experience working within a number of areas including:

  • Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT)
  • Office of the Public guardian
  • Public Trustee Of QLD
  • Trustee and Guardian, NSW
  • NDIS
  • Lifetime Care and Support
  • TAC, Victoria
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