Our professional and experienced staff provide a wide range of assessments to determine the needs and goals of individuals and assist people to engage in home and community activities and plan for the future.

Life Map

Is a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s lifetime treatment, care and support needs.

Rehabilitation Needs Assessment

Is a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s rehabilitation needs related to physical, cognitive and/or psychological impairment.

Functional Capacity Assessments

A comprehensive assessment to determine an individual’s functional capacity for specific tasks.

Home Assessments

An assessment of the home environment to promote independence in the home through modifications and equipment.

Equipment Prescription

Including detailed trials and assessment of equipment needs and the completion of reports to support funding applications for equipment.

Care Needs Assessment

Determine individual care needs and recommend specific supports required.

Independent Skills Assessment

To determine skills required for daily tasks, barriers and develop strategies to promote independence in various tasks.

Workplace Rehabilitation

Integrate Rehab provide a range of assessments and services to support safe and effective return to work.