Life Map

Determines the lifetime needs of individual’s and supports future planning.

Rehabilitation Needs Assessment

Is a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s rehabilitation needs related to physical, cognitive and/or psychological impairment.

NDIS Assessment

Integrate Rehab provide a range of assessments to support NDIS applications, the implementation of plans and housing arrangements.

Home Assessment

Review how individuals can be supported in their own home through modifications, equipment and support services.

Equipment Prescription

Determine equipment needs and provide detailed prescriptions for funding applications.

Care Needs Assessment

Determine an individual’s care needs and provide strategies and recommendations to support specific needs.

Independent Skills Assessment

Determine function for important daily tasks and strategies to promote independence in various tasks.

Workplace Rehabilitation

Integrate Rehab provide a range of assessment and services to support safe and effective return to employment.

Functional Capacity Assessment

To determine an individual’s functional capacity for particular tasks.


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Mobile Services
We have a team of allied health professionals who will meet with you in your home environment at your convenience.
We assess, recommend and deliver a personalised plan to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. By combing allied health knowledge with financial planning we provide clarity and detail around the affordability of lifetime needs so that individuals and families can make informed decisions. We provide detailed services, tailored to address individual’s needs.